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    Jenni Porter BA, MSc, Psychotherapist and Psychosocial Facilitator


    Psychotherapist and Psychosocial Facilitator

    Jenni Porter, BA, MSc, is a qualified psychotherapist and psychosocial facilitator with over 10 years’ experience in the mental health field.

    With a background in Drama and Movement Therapy, Jenni has facilitated creative therapy sessions for a variety of vulnerable client groups including adults with obsessive compulsive disorder, psychosis, acute anxiety and depression, young people with eating disorders, and children with behavioural difficulties.

    Jenni has facilitated mental health courses to adults and young people across sectors including community groups, volunteer agencies, corporate organisations, disaster management teams and fellow mental health workers.

    She is also an accomplished artist, working in acrylics, body paint, and polymer clay sculpture.

    Jenni's workshops are tailored to each audience to ensure content is as relevant as possible and run in a way that suits the group. Courses are thorough, entertaining and informative, and always delivered with Jenni’s trademark energy and humour.


  • Mental Health Training, Creative Workshops and Team-Building​.

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